Starsky and Hutch

If you wonder why this post is called Starsky and Hutch, just take a look at this jacket please! I mean, my dad used to own one like this in the 70's :))) I just love it, it's from Zara, it was on sale, it reminds somehow on Acne (ups! ;) and it's really, really warm!
Sorry for the lack of post, i didn't canceled blogging, no! Not yet :) I just don't have time at all at the moment, because of my job! Taking this pictures is the best example fot that: i live now over 7 months in Hamburg and this was the only time till now, that we shoot photos for the blog!!! At least we shoot them in  the famous HafenCity, were most of the Hamburg Blogger are taking pictures as well. I hope to find more time for my hobby, thanks to all my readers, who still follow me, even if i'm such a bad blogger! ;)

Jacket/Boots-ZARA/ Bag- GINA TRICOT