Bloggers Inspirations: Angelica BLICK

Hi, everyone!!!!! First- i did not quit blogging! I moved to Hamburg because of my job and it took a long time till i got net-connetion! Blogger without Internet is not a good combination i think :)

Now i will come to my favourite rubric here at the blog- Bloggers Inspirations!!! This time it's all about my FAVOURITE blogger- Angelica Blick! I have to admit it was very hard to describe/ reflect her style in my own way. Every other blogger that i mention on this rubric has something that makes her  unique, or i link her with a certain kind of style. For example Leonie and her addiction for overknees boots or the "rock glam" that makes Cindy so special!

Top-Zara/ Shorts-Gina Tricot

Angelica is different! I can not say that she represants a certain kind of style. No! She can be everything: from sporty, to glam baby, romantic girl, boho queen, sexy diva, rock chic, sophisticated and much more! She looks always different, never boring, always inspiring! I love the way she mix new and old pieces, designer items with second hand stuff, the way she presents latest fashion trends without breaking her own style! Her outfits are my personal "editorials"! From hair and make- up to location, everything fits perfectly together and every single outfit on her blog has a story to tell! It's hard to describe her style with words, most of all its her attitude that makes her so unique!!!

This outfit  was very untypical for me and i didn't meant to shoot it for this rubric. Not as an "Angelica Outfit"! But i felt kind of "swag" on that day and as i saw this location it was decided: Bloggers Inspiration! Which is your favourite blogger?

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