Confessions of a dangerous mind

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for the long silence break, but the real life caught me up: lot of work, family affairs, traveling and more. No time for blogging,  in other words: to tired for that! Earlier i used to reconvert my everyday life because of the blog. Without any regard of success, everything revolved around it. After three years i realized, that it's not important how much follower i have and if this baby is going to be popular or successful. It's all about my passion for it,  still having  fun doing it. Not getting obsessive with it, rather take it easy, because after all it's just a hobby for me. So i learned to switch off the computer and not the take a picture of every meal all day long! And you know what? It feels good. Enjoying real life! I think every blogger will approve that :)
Thanks to everyone who follow me for so long now, i appreciate it! Here is an old outfit post, but it perfectly fits with our easter stormy weather right now!!!!

Coat, Sweater-Mango/ Bag-Zara/ Statement earring-H&M Trend


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