Up close and personal

For all of you who "read" my blog, you know that I don't really get very personal on here. For me blogging is a very visual Thing. First of all, it's about style and outfits and a huge inspirations source. But today I decided to get personal.
As the 2014 has started I said: this year is gonna be a strong professional year. And I was right. It couldn't be better! Unfortunately it wasn't very good in private terms. My mom died at the beginnig of the year. Half a year later my aunt died (mom's sister /my "second" mom). Ups and downs go hand in hand together I know that! This year starts with a new challenge: my husband and my baby Jeffrey are going away for five months to Finland. I'm gonna miss them a lot! All I wish for the new year is more luck than in 2014 and even if it sounds very trivial, I wish all of us health!!!! Lots of special moments with our beloved ones!
What's the point in joy and happiness if we can't share it with our families and friends, right?
For always in love


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