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My blog is not the only platform for my creative expression! You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Lookbook, Fashiolista, Bloglovin and now (thanks to my niece!) on Tumblr as well! And each of this social medias gives me the opportunity to show you different interests of mine! So please follow me if you always want to be up to date ;)

Take a look of my everyday randoms, delicious meals, actual outfit details and much more!
Facebook is perfect for posting music videos that I love, my current movie trailer favourites, fashion editorial obsessions or to introduce other bloggers and much more! So take a look ;)

Outfits, outfits, outfits! This is the only thing that you can find on Lookbook and this is the right media for all fashion fans!

My personal favourite media! This is my digital "shopping wish list"! It is perfect to pick up my favourites items from the online shops (furniture as well!) and categorizing them. Of course I can't buy everything that I choose, but I always take a look to refresh my current shopping wishes and to see what I really need!


It's my niece fault :)  Comparable to Instagram, but i can reblog my favourite photos and share them with my followers. Very interesting and huge addictiveness!!! :)


Last but not least, the good old Bloglovin! The best way to follow all you favourite bloggers (like me) without missing their latest blog posts! Follow me here!


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