From me to me!

As i already wrote in the previous post, this year we decided not to buy any gifts. I admit that i become despite a new cell phone from my husband, BUT only because my old phone didn't want to work anymore! And my lovley friend managed it to surprise me with this cool tote bag with my Blog logo on it!!! I was so happy! Thank you baby :) The rest you see are some gifts i made for myself! Like this sweet satin pyjama suit that i wanted for so long now. It is from H&M and i love it! Maybe i can wear it as a suit in the summer as well, who knows ;) And last but not least: as you may know i work at Zara! Our company gives us every year Christmas gifts! This year they come up with something really cool: Our ZARA cookbook! It's full with recipes from all the INDITEX co-workers from Germany! I find that's a great idea and have already picked out something for our New Years Eve party!!!
Satin pyjama suit-H&M/ La Roche-Posay Lipp balsam/ Gossip Girl DVD Box/ ZARA COOKBOOK