La dolce vita!

Yes, yes i know that i can't compare myself with Bianca Balti!!! I don't even :) It is the sense of life witch this photos provide. Dolce &Gabbana was my first thought as i saw the photos we took in France. It is all aboth the sunny, easy life with all his beauty and joy! Thats why i love the commercials from D&G! I wouldn't mind to make some advertising for them :))
D&G photos via Internet!


  1. Това е любимата ми фотосесия на Бианка Балти.За мен най-красивият модел.Снимките ти наистина носят духът на D&G

    1. O, mersi mnogo :) Da, Bianca a naistina strashno krasiva jena!!


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