The shoe problem!

Topshop sandals/Birkenstock/Silver Zara brogues/#*#/ Zara Woman sparkle slippers/ Mango nude sandals/TRF Zara white sandals
Zara grey high heels/ Ney Yorker zabra sandals/ Zara kitten heels/ H&M coral sandals/TRF Zara white sandals/ Zara flame slippers/ Asos white high heels
Like every single woman, i love shoes! I have a lot of them and i'm sure that i need  several pairs more! And yes, i need them all: for the right weather, for the matching color... The only thing that doesn't fits with my shoes is my dog!!! Speaking about Jeffrey, he destroyed my all time favourite pair of shoes: the black velvet slipper from Zara! And this pair was not the only one :(((( I guess he has a good taste for shoes also and i'm out of it wiser! My shoes are now locked up and Jeffrey has even more toys as before. I still miss my lovely slippers.....
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