Home sweet home!

I love to decorate our apartment! I'm full of ideas and love to mix various styles! I love the country style, especially for kitchens. But you need space for it, a big house in the best case! Then again i love the minimalistic design and would like to have only one bed in the middle of the room! O, and i'm crazy abouth japanese architecture interior!!! To visit Japan is a big dream of me! Here is a little sneak peek of our home. There is still not everything finished, but slowly i come to an end! Enjoy it!

Some childhood stuff
Found this desk at Ikea and i love it! Small but it fits perfectlly in the living room
My treasures from the fleamarket
No, i'm not addicted at all :))) That is just a SMALL part of it!
I have so much jewellery... too much
Love is to share one pillow!
I always use this case for hand luggage, it is so retro!!
At my desk.. 
At my wall...
On my window board...
Still life at the kitchen


  1. Никога не съм предполагала, че една зелена кофичка и една малка метличка ще са част от интериора на един дом и на всичкото отгоре ще изглеждат толкова красиви. Все едно са създадени, за да стоят там. Браво, Ина! Страхотен дизайнер си. Превърни хобито си в професия.

  2. Анонима се казва КАКА.

  3. AU, Kakoooooo :))))) Osobenno metlata vinagi se komentira kato imam gosti!! :)))))) Celuvki i mersi mnogo.


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