Beauty crush

Once in a few months i get a "beauty crush"! This means, i buy a lot of cosmetics and make-up that i have seen in the magazines or in a advertising. I relish all the time to buy something, this feeling last for couple of days and after that i use actually the same stuff that i always use :) But this time i made some really good buyings!

My nails are very brittle! And my hands are always dry! I used to have early very, very good and strong nails and my manicure was perfect! But after years of gastronomy my hands suffered a lot :(
MicroCell 2000 is especially made for girls like me! I'm testing it now, and i'm curious if it helps! The Almond Hand and Nail Cream is perfect for dry hands! It smells very delicious and absorbs easily!

Every time i tell myself: this time i will buy designer cosmetics and make-up, because it is better and qualitativ! But then i am standing in front of the Chanel sales stall and i'm to miserly to spend 30 € for one nail polish!!! Of course some designer products are really much better that some non name cosmetic brands, but labels like Manhattan or Essence have some good stuff too!
The best of all this stuff you see here is probably the Edward Cullen sparkle puder spray :))))) And i'm very positiv surprised from the BB Cream from Garnier, i can recommend it!

And at last but not least: body care! The Fa Shower+Lotion smells so good, it's perfect for a good start into the day! And it has the bodylotion-effekt! If it's true, i don't think so :) But the idea is nice! The Garnier Body Oil is very good, unfortunatelly it doesn't absors so quick, so i suggest to use it bevor you go to bed. And after such a stressful and long beauty post, Garnier Mineral  Invisible Deodorant is the only thing which keeps you safe! ;)) Kisses!


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