Bloggers Inspiration: Mode Junkie

It' s still cold and it's still snowing! So i was in the mood for something "heavy, dark and strong"! With other words: black and leather! So i had to think of Angelica from "Mode Junkie" as i was wearing this outfit!

Leather jacket-H&M Trend/Jeans-Asos/Jeans shirt-Zara/Turtleneck-H&M/Belt-Asos/Shoes-Topshop

I don't know personally Angelica, but i always associate her style with winter, black, leather, beeing strong and soveraing, hats ( O, yes i forgot the hat! ;), mysterious and clean chic. But i'm sure that all of this is just the first thought when you see her. She seems to be a very cheery and sweet girl, who laughs a lot and loves Hello Kitty and candies :) Her style maybe changed through the years, but i like exactly the way she represents this opposite! PS: Yes, i admit that i tried to pose like her, but it didn't work :)
All photos from Mode Junkie
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