Things which make a better (my) world!

As you know i'm a big magazine fan!!! When i heard, that one of my favorite magazines "Couch" search for a blogger to join their team, i could not resist to enter the competition!!! The theme is: things which will make a better world! As you can see i took the chance, to show all the things that makes my world a better place! I guess, this are the usual things that make us all happy. I can not imagine life without the sun or a good delicious food! But none of this things are important comparing to my family!
My favorite flowers!
Delicious food!
One of my favorite magazines!
Bags!!! And shoes ;)
More bags....
My home sweet home
What i girl wants, what a girl needs!
Tee time
Venice! The most beautiful city in the world!
Jeffrey! The most beautiful dog in the world!
The most beautiful man of my dreams!
Just a very small part of my huge, crazy, lovely, cool and best family of the whole world!
All photos (beside the first one!) are taken by me!
Mit diesem Post nutze ich die Gelegenheit zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch zu schreiben und mich bei meiner Familie zu bedanken! Ohne sie wäre ich nicht da wo ich jetzt bin! Ohne sie wäre ich nicht glücklich und ich wüsste nicht, was es besseres auf der Welt gibt, als der Halt deiner eigener Familie!

Couch Blog Star