Hair inspo

I''m unfortunately not the type of girl who always makes her hair done! Not because i don't like it, it's because i just have two left hands!!! I used to be admire for my strong hair, but belive me it takes hours to wash it and to blow it dry! And after a day long with a dutt i have a headache! So i envy girls like my best friend or Angelica Blick, who always have their hair perfectly done and have every day another hair-do! Curly or sleek, a dutt or a ponytail...I wish i could be so creative as their are! I wait for my hair to get longer and maybe this summer is gonna be my "hair-do summer"! Practice, practice, practice...


  1. deine haare wachsen eh wie Unkraut. und auch wenn du zwei linke Hände hast, siehst du jeden Tag gut aus. LG deine Kollegin ;-)

    1. Danke, sehr lieb von dir!!! Wer immer du bist ;)

  2. I think thats the reason why hair with a short cut is the best choice ;)


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