Bloggers Inspirations: Frichic

Wow, you look so chic! What are you up to? You got a date? You look grate! ...
Coat, dress, bag-Zara/ Shoes-MMM for H&M/ Nacklace-H&M/Tights-Asos/Ring-SIX
Photos by Milena ;)

These are just some of the comments that i've heard today!!! Not bad, i thought! Ivelina from Frichic blog must probably hear this every day :) She was my inspiration and motivation for this outfit: i wanted to wear something chic and to feel sexy and feminine! So i resorted to bright colors, high heels, tight dress and the trademark: statement necklace!!! And i felt so good on this day, so confidently!

All photos by Frichic

 What i love on Ivelina's style is, that she turns up night into day! Clutches, sequines, red lips, high heels, pencil skirts, lace and flashy jewelry are part of her day outfits! At work she must look as a Mad Men heroine! As i already wrote at my first post from this rubrik- i don't wont to copy the style of other bloggers! I just use it as an inspiration to try something new and to implement it in my own style. So if we can learn something from Frichic, this will be difinitely: be more woman! Use your sexappeal and feel good in your skin! And don't care abouth other people opinion! So if you don't know her blog by now, take your time and have a look on it ;)

PS: With this post i would like to take the chance and join the Frichic guest blogger position competition! That i'm crazy abouth fashion should be obvious by now :) To become a big blogger and to have the opportunity to inspire other people with my style and sence for detail, as they inspire me will be a dream come true for me! I love blogging and this is my own little creative space that makes me happy. To get to now different kind of people all over the world, just because they feel the same as you, is amazing! Fashion gives us so many ways to express ourselfs! And in the same time is very important to stay true to yourself and always to be you! To be unique and to have fun on it!


  1. Най-добрият ти аутфит! Много ми харесва :)


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