Bloggers Inspirations: Personal Uniform!

Andy Torres used to say in her famous "Ted Talk" Video: "Don't try to copy other people! If you try to copy other bloggers and you try to replicate them, remember that this people will be a lots better at being themselves that you will ever be! So you are already selling yourself second at best! So always be yourself!"
Plastic bag-Jil Sander
Coat-Stine Riis for H&M/ Sweater-Choies/Bluse-Zara/Shoes-MMM for H&M/Pants-Zara Woman/Bag-Jil Sander
Andy is right: always be yourself! Don't think that i'm gonna try to copy bloggers in my new rubric! No, i use them as an inspiration! As a creative mode of expression! As a chance to try something new, something different! Since (and long bevore!) i started my blog, i realized how my style has changed! Unconsciously all the blogs that i follow have influenced me! Of course i have my own style!This thing that we  called "this is so you" when we see specific clothes or shoes. Lately, i noticed that certain outfits from me, reminded me of the style of another bloggers! So i had the idea to start this rubric: Bloggers inspirations! I want to show you what impressed me and to get the opportunity to inspire you too! So let's start with my fisrt choice and one of my favourite blogs: Personal Uniform!
All photos by Personal Uniform!
Layering, vintage, funny sweaters, oversize, boyish, crazy style mix, originality, fun, personality...this are just a few of the things, which are on my mind when i think about Sophia from Personal Uniform! This girl is a pure passion when it comes to fashion! She mix it up and her looks are always little pieces of art! It shows that she loves fashion and she has fun on it! It is always a pleasure to vistit her blog, so if you didn't  new it by now, take your time and have a look on it! You won't regret it, i promise!


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