2012 Vol.1

I decided to make a year view, then 2012 was very exciting! So here we go:


More photos from London here
In January my sister and her family took me to a short trip to London! My boyfriend was at that time in Afghanistan and i feelt a little bit lonely. This was a good deflection ;)


Moro photos from Paris here
My best friend lived with me for a month by the time! We have long wanted to travel together and the timing was just perfect! There was no better city then Paris for two fashionable girls like us!!!


My boyfriend came back home after almoust 5 months! I was so happy! And another very very important fact was: i finally graduated :))) That was a stressful time! But worth it!


Me and my boyfriend were for two weeks in Thailand. After a short stop in Dubai ( photos from Dubai:here ) i have finally seen this incredible country. My boyfriend was there often and have always raved about it. And he is right: the weather, the food, the people...everything is great!



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