Forgive me father for i have sinned!!

Zara TRF sneakers
Topshop leather boots
Geox sneakers
Zara velvet flats
I had a shoe crush!!!Normally i don't buy 4 pairs of shoes at once!!! But to my defence: i need them all! And i just bought pairs that i diden't had yet!! Like the perfect "every day flats" from Zara: in velvet :) And finally i have now sport shoes: I wanted for long time Converse (yes! i don't own Converse, i know!), but i liked better the quilted, leather pair from Geox. The Isabell Marant inspired sneakers from Zara are totally comfortable and the wedges makes me a little bit taller: double win! And the cowboy leather boots from Topshop are just perfect! No words needed! It looks as if my feet are fitted for the fall/winter season! Anjelica would be proud of me! ;)


  1. love your shoes :) ! Nice blog darling!!!!!

  2. yesss definitely proud of you! LOL :)
    would love to try those zara wedge sneakers. i cantttt find the im ones in my size and preferred colorway. SUCKS

    1. Thanks :))The sneakers are very comfortably! I buy them one size bigger!


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