My biggest fan!

Bag-FAA H&M/ Shoes-Adidas
Skirt-Zara/Top-H&M Trend
Ray- Ban sunnies
Here is probably my biggest fan: mine 15 years old niece! She's gorgeous! I love her for her courageous, confident and unique style! I was not so with 15 years! In this huge und "hard" blogger world is reassuring to have a sure fan :) Another photos from her you find here!


  1. I'm always proud when you write something about me :) And I'm your fan, yeah maybe your biggest (but maybe you have a secret stalker, I don't know :D) because your blog is awesome :) :*
    Love you Milli :)

  2. really cool clutch and great look!
    Like ur blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)


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