The blogger intuition

Jeans-H&M/Shoes-Pimkie/Blouse, bag-Zara
Always when an item from the collection is getting very popular in the blogger scene, i have to try it on and see why everyone is so grazy abouth it! This Zara basic slingback heels seems to be really comfy and maybe i gonna get them too, will see :)

But much interesting is the fact that i already have the blogger intiution!! I wouldn't call myself really a blogger (my blog is not that famous, or famous at all!!!), but i can recognize if someone is interested abouth the same stuff. I have a colleague and i note that she always buys things which are very trendy, like the Mango fetish sandals for example. One day i asked her if she knows abouth fashion blogs. She was so suprised as i asked her and kind of ashamed as if i found out her secret or something! She smiled and said: Yes. where do you know abouth it? And i told her abouth my blog and and and...She loves Elin Kling's blog and Chicmuse and many others. It was funny to talk abouth it and  she was so happy  that someone else share the same interest as her too.
Yes. the blogger intuition...


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